Impact on the National Immigration Debate

I believe that an informed public is foundational to democracy. The national conversation around immigration is particularly prone to mis- and dis-information, as well as general confusion given the complexity of immigration laws and policies.

To further public understanding, I have built relationships with the news media that help connect my scholarly work to media outlets and shape the national discourse around immigration. More than just responding to the news, my work and the work of TRAC often drives the news cycle with breaking findings.

As a result, I have been featured as an immigration expert in over a 100 news articles from publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Newsweek, TIME, Mother Jones, The Economist, Foreign Policy, as well as interviewed on podcasts such as NPRs Morning Edition and WYNCs The Takeaway and television shows such as NBC Nightly News.

I also regularly consult with editors and journalists about how to accurately and ethically incorporate immigration data into news stories.

Sample of Media Citations

A selection of news articles that I have contributed to are available below. A full list of media citations is available upon request.

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