Transit Migration Conference Debrief

Download the report of the Transit Migration conference here.

Transit Migration Citations

The following ten articles comprise a starting point for unpacking the conceptual history of the term transit migration”. A ZIP file (compressed file) of all ten articles in PDF format can be found below.

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Download the zip file of transit migration articles here (est. 3 MB).

Also see the special issue on transit migration in the International Journal of Migration and Border Studies. Articles are open source. Click here for special issue.

Here are the Ngram results for transit country and transit migration. The term transit migrant” does not appear enough times to meet Ngram’s threshold for calculation. As the literature above mentions, the term transit migration appears to have been first popularized by a series of OIM reports in 1994-1995 regarding the population impacts of the dissolution of the USSR in Eastern Europe. Visit Google Book’s Ngram Viewer here.