This is an informal and constantly developing list of resources.

Transit Migration

The transit migration resources have moved here.

Migration and technology literature list

If you would like access to the list of citations I used in my presentation on electronic monitoring and migrants at the Political Geography Pre-Conference in 2023, you have two options. You can download a RIS text file of the citation, which you can then import to your citation manager. Or you can download a list of formatted citations. Both will download as a text file (.txt), but they can be read into programs like Endnote and Zotero (for the RIS file), or Microsoft Word (for the formatted citations).

Critical Geographies of Climate Migration Syllabus

My syllabus for Critical Geographies of Climate Migration taught at George Washington University in Spring 2023 is available below. The syllabus does tend to shift slightly over the semester, so what you see here may not be the final version. Click here for a PDF of the syllabus.

Open Source Resources

Maps and Visualizations.

  • Atlas of the Land Entry Ports on the U.S.-Mexico Border from the Border Policy Institute (2010). Download the map here.

FOIA Documents

  • Tom Dreisbach’s trove of FOIA documents related to conditions in ICE detention, also available on DocumentCloud through links at the bottom of the article below. Download the zip file here (est. 440MB).